updated 8/10/18

Blessed Sacrament  New for 2017
MAP NEW for 2017 Games at Signal Hill School in Belleville for 7th and 8th grade only  40 Signal Hill Place (95th St). NO BATHROOMS.   Take 158 through Millstadt to Frank Scott Parkway.  turn left and go to 5th stop light (Althoff High School on right corner)  Turn left onto West Main in Belleville.   Stay straight on West Main and go past Bl. Sacrament (on right) to the next stop light.  turn left and go down a little ways and Signal Hill fields on left.  All other age level games - the address is 309 Eiler Road | Belleville, IL 62223.  Per google, this address is listed as the Belleville Khoury League.  (Head  to Queen of Peace.  At 4th stop light...North Belt West...turn left. DO NOT GO straight to Queen of Peace. Go past McDonalds and past 74th street.  Take Highway 13 to Centerville.  At stop sign at Eiler road,  turn left.  Go about 1/2 mile and fields are on the right at West End Khoury fields.
Cathedral MAP Games as Belle Clair soccer fields...2842 Centerville Ave. Belleville) Go through Millstadt and head toward Belleville,  but DO NOT turn onto FS Parkway.  Keep going straight, and Belle Clair fields are on the curve about 1/2 mile ahead.
Fulton Middle School O'Fallon MAP 255 to 64 east to exit 14 (OFallon) at the Sam's exit.  Turn left onto Hway 50 and go over Hway 64.  At the stop light by Shell station and IHOP (which is Venida to the left) turn left.  Stay on that road around the park to Simmons (small sign pointing to Fulton Jr High at this road). Turn left.  Go through subdivision to 2nd stop sign to Kyle.  Turn right on Kyle and school is down a little on the right.  Soccer fields are behind school.
Carriel  O'Fallon   451 North Seven Hills Rd.    255 to 64 east to exit 14 (OFallon). Left on highway 50, and go over 64, through the light, then left at the Circle K gas station.  Go straight on West State Street past Rohr Park.  Road changes to East St Street. Go thru old town shopping district until North seven hills road.  turn left.
Holy Trinity Fairview Heights MAP Take 255 to 64  East to 159 North (St Clare Mall).  Turn left and go to third stop light at Fountains Parkway and The Fountains.  Turn right and go past the Convention Center to new school and Church on the left.
ICS (Oerter Park) MAP Take 255 South toward JB bridge and stay to left for Columbia exit. Stay on route 3 straight ahead, through four stop lights.  At fifth light, turn right and fields are to the right.  From Milstadt:  On route 158 and take Columbia-JB bridge exit.  At first light turn left and fields are there.
Millstadt Public School MAP Go to Millstadt and go to the 4 way stop.  Turn left and go down about 2 blocks. Turn left again and go to the park, which also has a baseball field there.
Queen of Peace Belleville    Games at Queen of Peace Belleville (5915 N. Belt West, Belleville 62223):  Through Milstadt, left at Frank Scott Parkway. Straight to fourth light.  Go through light and field is behind school.
SMSA (St Mary-St Augustine) MAP Belleville (1900 West Belle, St Augustine parish):   Through Milstadt, left at Frank Scott Parkway. Straight to fourth light.  Right at Walgreens on North Belt West and go in front of Schnucks, Skyview Drive-In, and across RR tracks.  Straight across West Main street, to third light at the Honda dealer.  Right there two blocks and fields behind school.
SPPS Collinsville MAP K of C fields...255 north to Collinsville Road exit.  Right at bottom of exit. Go to 157 (in left lane)  north towards Edwardsville.  KC Hall is down a little on the left.
SPPS Waterloo updated on 8/10/18 MAP SPPS Fields...Rt 3 south to Moore Street. (Jaycees Baseball Fields).  Left onto North Moore to Columbia Ave. (Gibault High School on left.) Left on Columbia Ave to SPPS fields located at the top of Columbia Ave on right hand side. SPPS Fields Entry sign will be visible. 
St. Clare MAP   Rohr Fields... 255 to 64 east to exit 14 (OFallon). Left on highway 50, and go over 64, through the light, then left at the Circle K gas station. Enter the Roundabout, take 2nd right (remain on Hwy 50 / State Street) then turn right before the RR tracks (look for the two water towers).......OR 255 to 64 East to Greenmount Road exit (past St Clair Mall, Sams, and car dealers). Left at light off of the exit to the second light (Highway 50). Right at that light (in front of Sonic) to the next light, 3rd Street. Left at the light and go a little ways and soccer fields are on the left.
St. James MAP   Games at Elm Street Park:   Go To Milstadt.  Go one block past St James church and turn right onto S. Jackson (Associated Bank on opposite corner).  Go down 5 blocks to park.
St. John Neuman MAP 255 north to 55/70 east.  Exit 15B north to Maryville.  Left at first light,  left directly onto Wilma road. Follow to school and fields are in back.
St. Joseph Freeburg MAP  Public Middle and Grade School Primary Center.  Take 158 heading to Millstadt.  Right at Freeburg Douglas Road.  Go to stop light at 159.  Stay straight and go into Freeburg past the High School.  Go straight to Route 15/State Street (stop light). Turn right and go past Primary Center (on right) and Subway Sandwich.  Turn right at first road and go behind school and Subway and soccer fields are in outfield of baseball diamond.
St. Teresa  

Parochial and Junior teams will be playing at Belle Valley school  2465 Amann Dr, Belleville, IL 62220 Off of Green Mount Rd between Highway 15 and Mascoutah Ave .  Go through Milstadt into Belleville. Turn Right on Rt 15 (Alberts Convention Center) heading east. Go to the light at Eckerts Orchards and turn left.  Go past stop light at Orchards Golf course for about 1/2 mile and Amann Dr is on the left.

Valmeyer MAP Take Rt 3 to Waterloo and stay straight (do NOT go through town) at the stop lights.  Go to Rt 156 and turn right, heading for Foster Pond and Valmeyer.  Go through Foster Pond and turn right into Valmeyer.  Take the first right past  J&M Archery (Cedar Bluff Rd).  Stay straight and the Jr High and High School is on the right.
St Mary Edwardsville   1802 Madison Ave, Edwardsville 
WSA (Waterloo Sports Association) MAP Konarick Park...Rt 3 south to Waterloo.  Turn left at the light by Sonic and go into town on Market street. Go to third stop light and turn left at 4th street. Go down 1.6 miles (stay straight at theY in the road, going onto the old to country road) to the park.


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