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  ICS Columbia (321 S. Metter) Take 255 south toward JB Bridge.  Take Columbia-Waterloo exit and go to Main Street stop light.  Turn left and go down about 2 miles.  Playground and Church on the left with school behind playground.   OR go through Millstadt and take first exit onto Rte 3 toward JB Bridge.  At light (Dairy Queen), turn right and go up the hill.  Church and playground on right with school behind the playground.

  Holy Childhood Mascoutah (215 N. John Street): Go through Milstadt into Belleville. Turn Right on Rt 15 (Alberts Convention Center) heading east. Go to the light at Eckerts Orchards and turn left. Go to the stop light and turn right onto Rt 177, going into Mascoutah. Go  past a stop light, a stop sign, through the business district to the blinking red light and stop sign. About two blocks past this stop sign, the Church and school are on the left, a block off Rt 177.

  Mascoutah High School for track: (1313 W Main St) use directions above for Holy Childhood.  When you get to city of Mascoutah, the high school is on the left as soon as you enter the town.

  Bl. Sacrament Belleville (8809 West Main Street): Go through Milstadt toward Belleville. Turn left at Frank Scott Parkway (old 59th street). Go to West Main street  (with Althoff High School across the street). Turn left and go past first stop light about 1/2 mile and the church, then school are on the right on West Main.

  Belle Valley Belleville for track:  (2465 Amann Dr., Belleville)   Go like going to Sportsplex (through Millstadt into Belleville. Go under highway 15 to second light at QuikTrip.  Turn right onto 158-13-South Belt West.  Go through two lights and past Bellville Fairgrounds (on right).  At SECOND stop sign, turn right onto highway 177 heading toward Mascoutah.   GO PAST SPORTSPLEX to stop light at Green Mount Road and turn right.   Go a little way and turn right onto Amann Dr.

  Queen of Peace Belleville (5915 North Belt West):   Go through Milstadt to Frank Scott Parkway (old  59th street). Turn left. Go through the fifth stop light at the Belt Line (Walgreens on right corner) and turn left into parking lot of Queen of Peace.

  St Clare O'Fallon ( 214 West 3rd): Take 255 to 64 east. Go to 2nd O'Fallon exit (past St. Clair Mall, Sams, and all the car dealers).  Turn left onto Greenmount road and go to Highway 50 (should be second stop light).  Turn right, going past Sonic, to the stop light.  Turn left and stay on that street until to see church on right and school on left.

  O'FALLON HIGH SCHOOL FOR TRACK:   same as to St Clare, but after you go past Sonic, DO NOT turn...stay straight on Rte.50. Just keep going straight through stop light about one mile, past park on the left, and High School is on the left.

  St Teresa Belleville (1108 Lebanon Ave): Go through Milstadt to Belleville Square and go north toward St Clair Mall. Go to third stop light  to Farmers Market at Lebanon Ave. Turn right. Go straight past two stop signs, and school is on the right on Lebanon Ave.     

  BELLEVILLE EAST FOR TRACK.....Go past St Teresa school to stop light.  Turn right. Go to third stop light and park in SEARS parking lot on the right.  Belleville East is across the street.

  BELLEVILLE WEST FOR TRACK... Go through Millstadt and turn left onto Frank Scott Parkway (like going to Queen of Peace).  Belleville West High School is on the left about one mile.

  SMSA (St Mary-St Augustine) Belleville (1900 West Belle Street, St Augustine Parish) : Go through Milstadt to Frank Scott Parkway (old  59th street). Turn left. Go to fifth stop light at Belt Line (Walgreens on right corner)  and turn right. Go past Bac Cinema and straight across West Main street. Go past Shop and Save, past another light, to third light with Belleville Honda  on the right . Turn right at that light and school is block away.

  SPPS Collinsville: Take 255 to 64 East to 159 North (St Clair Mall). Turn left onto 159 heading North. Stay on 159 past Ketchup bottle. Make the zig-zag turn following 159 in downtown C'ville. Go through light and school is on left.

  St James Milstadt (412 West Washington): Go to Milstadt around curve and school is on right. Gym is behind school.

  SPPS Waterloo (217 West 3rd): Go to Waterloo to first street past courthouse. Turn right and go down two blocks. School and gym on the right.

  Millstadt Public: Go to Millstadt, past St James Church on Main Street.  Turn left at Subway.  Go down one block and turn left for school.

  St John Red Bud (519 Hazel): Go THROUGH the town of Waterloo to Red Bud. Look for SWIC campus sign (Locust St.)  and turn right. Go past hospital one block and turn right one block and St John is on the left. 

  Red Bud High school for track: go to St Johns but go straight past the hospital and go in front of St John Church.  Go about 2 blocks and high school is on the right with track behind it.

  Wolf Branch Middle School Belleville ( 410 Huntwood Road):   Follow SMSA directions above. DO NOT turn at Honda dealer, but go straight to next stop light at 17th street and turn left at Hardees on the corner. Go through next stop light (Rte 161). Go straight to Huntwood Road (Bank of Edwardsville on left corner) and turn at Fairfield Manor subdivision sign.  Go straight through one stop sign and Middle school is on the right.  OR  Go to Belleville Square & head North toward Fairview. Go past Schnucks, Value City, to Huntwood Road turnoff (stop light) Turn left and go straight.  New Junior High is on the left PAST  Elementary school, which is on the right.  ALL GAMES PLAYED AT NEW JUNIOR HIGH UNLESS NOTED.

  Thea Bowman East St. Louis (8213 Church Lane): Take 255 to 64 East, to 157 South. Turn right, go over viaduct, turning right at the bottom (Church Lane). Stay on it and gym sits behind church on the right. 

  Cathedral Belleville (200 South 2nd): Go through Milstadt into Belleville straight past Alberts (Rt 15). Take right at St Elizabeth Hospital parking lot and go two stop signs. Turn right going in front of school. Gym is in next block on the left corner.

  Dupo Jr High:  take 255 north to Dupo exit.  Go left  into Dupo to the first street past the High School.  Turn right and go to stop sign and turn right. Go past the library to the next stop sign.  Turn right and go back to Bluffview Elementary where Jr High games are played.

  St John Neuman Maryville: 255 to 70 east to 159 North and go on overpass of highway 70. Left at first light over the highway. Left to go to retirement home and another left in front of home,  and follow around to school.

  St Joseph Freeburg (2 North Alton): Head for Belleville. Turn right on Freeburg Douglas Road. Go into Freeburg, past High school, which is on the right. Go to main street (highway 15). Turn left and St Joe is on the left. Or go into Freeburg on highway 15 and the school is on right.    Freeburg Jr high (for tournaments only): Go like to St Joe BUT turn right and go in front of High School for about 2 blocks to Jr HIgh.

  St John Smithton (10 South Lincoln):  Take Freeburg Douglas road to STOP LIGHT (Rte 159). Right on 159 into Smithton. Go past The Georgetown Square (on right) and American Legion (on left) to next street (across from Fire Station) on right (Stoeger Street). Turn right. Church, school and gym are one block down.

  Holy Trinity Fairview Heights:  Take 255 to 64  East to 159 North (St Clare Mall).  Turn left and go to third stop light at Fountains Parkway and The Fountains.  Turn right and go past the Convention Center to new school and Church on the left.

  Valmeyer:  Take Rt 3 to Waterloo and stay straight (do NOT go through town) at the stop lights.  Go to Rt 156 and turn right, heading for Foster Pond and Valmeyer.  Go through Foster Pond and turn right into Valmeyer.  Take the first right past  J&M Archery (Cedar Bluff Rd).  Stay straight and the Jr High and High School is on the right.

  All Saints Academy Breese (295 North Clinton): (Main gym at St Dominics) 255 to 64 East to 4 north into Lebanon. Go to 2nd stop sign and turn right onto route 50 east. Go to Breese exit, right past the water tower, and turn right. Go to 4 way stop sign and turn right. Go a couple of blocks and turn left at Casey's (on the right) to St. Dominic's gym. (Secondary gym at St Augustine of Breese) Same as above. At 4-way stop, turn right. Go one block and turn left onto Main street. Go over RR tracks three blocks. Gym on the left.

  Emge School Belleville: (7401 Westchester Dr, Belleville)   Go as if going to Queen of Peace.  At the fifth stop light at the Belt line (with the Walgreens on the right corner), turn left.  Go to the third stop light (with two gas stations on the corners). Turn right, and then left before the railroad tracks.  School can be seen after turning.

  St. Mary's Edwardsville: Take 255 to 70 east to 159 north (like going to St John Neuman). Go thru Maryville and into Edwardsville. Turn right at the the McDonalds in the Edwardsville and St Mary's is back in that subdivision.

  High Mount Belleville:  Go to Belleville square and head north toward Fairview Heights.  At Highway 161 (Jack in the Box on left corner) turn left.  School down a ways on the left.

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